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4126: Rumpf Guards boots low

kr 749,00

Gratis frakt på ordre over 1000,-

Rumpf Guard Boots av skinn overdel og semsket skinnsåle.

Splitt såle.


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The “Hit III” guards dancer boot is the perfect choice for guards dancers who are looking for optimum glide and a high degree of flexibility when dancing. This boot has been specially designed to support the guards dancer’s foot and give them a secure feeling, especially in the ankle area.

The high quality workmanship of this garda boot is characterised by the leather upper and the split, slippery chrome leather sole. The leather not only provides an appealing look, but also offers excellent durability and longevity. The split chrome leather sole ensures optimal glide, allowing you to move freely and carefree across the dance floor.

The “Hit III” dance shoe is not only functional but also extremely comfortable. Thanks to the cut of this dance shoe, the foot is optimally supported while at the same time sufficient flexibility is guaranteed. This allows you to concentrate on your dancing and fully immerse yourself in your choreography.

What are the differences between the Hit models?

  • Hit I = Traditional boot, high, continuous rubber sole.
  • Hit II = High, special design, split rubber sole.
  • Hit III = Low, split chrome leather sole.
  • Hit IV = High, split chrome leather sole.
  • Hit V = Low, split rubber sole.
  • Hit VI = High, split rubber sole.
  • Leather upper
  • Split chrome leather sole

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41264126: Rumpf Guards boots low
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